I'm back from Acen.  More about my Para disappointment and some awesome cosplay pictures later.  Lucia missed me, I feel so loved^^

Oh yeah, I am now the proud (and poor) owner of the 2002 Haruno Sumire dinner show!!!!!  Holy crap, this is the best thing I've ever seen or heard in my life!!!!!!  She is totally amazing!
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Yeah, I'm a dork, but I couldn't resist^^

what flavor pocky are you?

[c] sugardew

Back to doing fashion show crap. Oh yeah, this year, the fashion show doesn't have a hair and makeup crew (first year I did this, they did, which was great!) It's a good thing I have Michelle or I would really be screwed with that aspect. I honestly think the fashion show gets worse every year. I HATE IT!!!!
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I still have one pattern left to do before I leave for class at 3. I'll only be having 2 full designs from my line in the fashion show this year, which is fine, that's 2 more than I wanted anyways. Sketches will be posted when and if I feel like it. At least I didn't have to go into the costume shop today.

And for everyone that still doesn't know, all La Shish restaurants are closed. I'm so sad!!!!!!! Where am I supposed to get good food now!?

Anyone who knows the Gatchaman song can't be too bad!

If you ever get a chance to watch Kamome Shokudo, I suggest that you do. Amazing Japanese movie set in Finland and includes my (now deceased) hero, Markku Peltola. I should take a trip in Finland, it would be awesome^^

Some day soon, I promise to get picture of all my recent costumes (Kiyoka Onisaka, Princess Venus, Honey Kisaragi '73, Miwako Sakurada, and most recently Amu Hinamori) I would be more prompt about these things, but I'm too lazy to care. And I need to get working on con related cosplays and fashion show stuff. 3 pieces for the show, one of which requires massive amounts of careful hand sewing (I love pad stitching!!!!) and since I realize that I hate myself, I've been roped into doing another Zelda cosplay (first person to kill me wins!)

Remember Eatman? That anime was truly amazing; not as amazing as Touch, but pretty close.

I will officially be going down to Animazement for my birthday. It will be my first plane trip without the comfort of family or Valium, so we'll see how long it takes before I'm thrown in a straight jacket (I know where to get one!) No clue what I'll be wearing, but I've got plenty of time to procrastinate, YAY!

Ikea trip tomorrow, I can't wait!!!!

Nothing beats handmade mochi ice cream, NOTHING!!!!
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This whole internship hunt (which is failing, by the way) has made me realize one thing about myself. I don't want to grow up!!!!! I'm not ready for this whole "out in the real world" thing. I really need to get off my ass and start seriously looking for something, since internships generally start in June and I need one to graduate. It's so difficult, since I only know what I don't want (no NYC, LA or Chicago), but I have no idea what I want, besides a paid internship, that would rock. I need motivation, and a kick in the ass.

Maybe I just don't want to move out of my Michigan comfort zone (that's definitely the case too.) At least while I'm here, I have a family to lean on (and a fur baby to spoil.) When I move (since there's nothing in MI), I'll loose direct family contact, most likely be without a Lucia for a few months and I'm afraid of loosing contact with the few friends I have left (I'm so friendless you guys....)

I just need to keep reminding myself that I need a job if I ever want to afford my lightning blue Mini Cooper (and it will be mine!!!)

In other news, if I ever stop being such a coward, I'll post my sketches of my fashion show pieces. Lots of expensive fabric, that's all I have to say; silk tweed, silk jersey and horsehair canvas can really add up quick (to about $200, holy shit!!!!)

In other, other news, quick hate update for the past few days.
Feb 8-I hate people with bladder control problems
Feb 9-I hate Saturdays (and a bit miffed at Michelle for not considering me for the extra Flogging Molly ticket)
Feb 10-I hate having to eventually "grow up"
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How much of my shit is going to be ruin before Dad realizes he needs to CLEAN OUT THE FUCKING GUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so tired of my windows leaking EVERYTIME IT RAINS because for one reason or another he's too fucking lazy to do any work and I'm "not allowed" to do something possibly dangerous (that and I don't know how to work a ladder.....) Sometimes my father really pisses me off!!!!!!!!!!!!
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